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complaints and suggestions

For complaints and suggestions, please contact us through the following methods:
Contact number: +966568186645


Mechanism for submitting complaints and/or inquiries
•    Complaints and/or inquiries are submitted through the above channels, clarifying the customer’s personal data and attaching any supporting documents that may help quickly process the complaint and/or inquiry. If we need any other documents, the customer will be informed of them (depending on the complaint and/or inquiry).
•     A notification is sent to the customer via messages when the complaint is submitted and he is provided with the specified period on his mobile phone number or email, and another message when the complaint is processed and closed with the necessary supporting documents attached

Complaint processing time:
• The specified period for processing the complaint: a maximum of five working days from the date of submitting the complaint.
• If we need an additional period to process the complaint, we will contact the customer, inform him of this, and inform him of the progress of the complaint study process.

Objection and escalation:
• The customer who believes that the handling of the complaint was unfair to him has the right to inform the Customer Complaints Officer of this while communicating with him to inform him of the outcome of the complaint, in which case it will be presented to a higher administrative level for review.